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Our Story

The Mad Love story starts with the kind of conversations that don’t happen enough. Conversations that co-founders and lifelong friends Danette Cordova RN and Melody Zara L.Ac. hope to inspire by creating a safe space for a new mother’s self-care. 

Through their unique expertise, shared love of all things baby, and deep belief in the importance of postpartum recovery for lasting health and happiness of the entire family, they now introduce Mad Love, artfully curated products to ease the fourth trimester and enhance healing after childbirth. 

Both having quietly struggled with the physical and emotional aspects of postpartum recovery, Danette and Melody understand the isolating and overwhelming aspects of the fourth trimester and wish they had been better prepared for the bleeding nipples, broken vaginas, sore bums, erratic emotions, and pure exhaustion that is life after birth. 

With the firm belief that no mama should ever go it alone, they created Mad Love to help serve the space that is all too often missing in the lives of modern mamas—the village that assists a woman’s recovery and lends support as she nurtures her new baby, while also healing herself. Danette and Melody seek to help ease some of the challenges of birth and recovery while adding a touch of love and luxury to postpartum self-care. Because they believe all mamas are queens and should be treated accordingly.