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The Box Box Luxe contains postpartum undies, 3 pairs. Lavido Hand Cream, Mad Love Washable bamboo nursing pads, Mad Love Nursing Balm, BodyIce Perineal Strip (ice pack), Joanna Vargus under eye mask, Bidet bottle.
The Box Box Luxe
The Box Box Luxe
Mad Love

The Box Box Luxe

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The deluxe version of our original Box Box.

We love your box and your post-baby bod!
And we want you to feel your best so you can get to the joy of your new baby. Nourish and heal yourself, or a Mama you know, with these absolute necessities for postpartum recovery. Because every Mama deserves a little love and luxury.

Mad Love Washable Nursing Pads x 3

Mad Love Postpartum Hipster Undies x 3

Clary Collection All Purpose Balm for Nipples

Lavido Lavender Nurturing Hand Cream

Fat and the Moon Perineal Mama Mist

BodyICE Woman Hot/Cold Perineum Strip

Joanna Vargas Eden Instant Lift Mask x 2

Peri Bottle